Rodgers for Dion Lewis?

I’ve got Mahomes and Rodgers as my QB’s so am looking to offload Rodgers for an RB.

Is Lewis a good sleeper to be targeting? Am I getting ripped off or is this a decent trade?

Keen to hear what other rb’s would be good targets for Rodgers

No, that would be a rip imo.

Depends on your league though. Are good QB’s in short supply or are there decent streamers?

I would try to trade for Kerryon Johnson, Sony Michel, Devonta Freeman, or even Jordan Howard if any of the owners are in need of a QB.

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As in I’m getting ripped off? I want a decent RB in return, I’m just struggling to know a realistic target.

Buy low on Drake?

Yes I would go for someone like a chris Thompson or like fuller type player. I would honestly stay away from Lewis just cuz of how that offense will be ros. Look for someone with upside from a team needing a qb.

Yeah as in you are getting ripped. Unless there are perfectly good QB’s available on waivers. Is that the case? I like the options @bucknit21 proposed.

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Don’t trade for Titans RBs right now.

If you own Mahomes, I would try and trade him instead. He is at an all time high and will never be worth more than he is now. And I fully expet rodgers to rebound late into the season once the weather gets cold/etc. He’s still the best QB in the league in my eyes.

When you have 2 good QBs, a good real of thumb is sell the one of higher value. I bet you’d be able to get a really good RB/WR if you tried to move mahomes and start rodgers going forward. That’s the advice I’ve been giving to everyone. Mahomes price will never be higher than it is now.


Thanks so much. What sort of RBs would be achievable selling Mahomes?

Anything you can dream of man. Mahomes price is sky high right now. If you think about his value, I bet people would drafted him in the 3rd round if we were drafting today. Some might even take him in the 2nd. He’s the Watson hype but x 10.

I bet you’d be able to get any RB not named Kamara, Gurley, Zeke, Gordon, Barkley, CMC or Mixon.

ANd honestly, you could probably package him with someone else and get Mixon which would be a huge win.

I’ve got Kittle and Gronk as my TE’s.

Could Mahomes and Gronk get me to Mixon?

That should net you Mixon. Could probably get you even more. Why not start with Kittle + Mahomes though. Wouldn’t you rather keep gronk? Don’t sell low on gronk. Patriots are finally full power on offense, Gronk will rebound trust me.

@MikeMeUpp 's advice could def be a savvy move that sets you up for the rest of the season. Fingers crossed Rodgers stays healthy, but I wouldn’t personally be worried about him with the ridiculous QB-hitting penalties this season…

Also makes sense given Mahomes schedule ROS. It doesn’t make me particularly optimistic about his outlook. Rodgers’ is a lot more manageable. Rodgers can manage anything anyway. He is not anywhere near his real value right now either, if you were to trade him now.

So, I agree with @MikeMeUpp for sure. If you’re gonna trade a QB, make it Mahomes, and make it soon.

I bet Mahomes could get you K Hunt if the team is weak at QB and has a palatable replacement for Hunt. Or if you provided one. I agree also that you shouldn’t give up Gronk.

David Johnson wouldn’t be a bad option IMO.

I’m not really buying DJ anywhere right now. Not selling either but not buying.

I do agree there is probably someone dumb enough to give up Hunt for Mahomes, although he did just have a blow up game so maybe not this week.

I’m trying to package Mahomes and Kittle for an RB now. Mixon is the one I want, but unsure I can reach that high

I agree with @MikeMeUpp that I’d hang onto Gronk over Kittle. If the player with Mixon was hurting for a TE, which a lot of people are, Kittle & Maholmes would look pretty appealing especially after Kittles big game last week.