Rodgers for Lamar Jackson?

I have Lamar Jackson and was offered Rodgers straight up. I was wondering what you guys thought about these two rest of season.

can you post each of their schedules for rest of season? Without knowing that, I’d stick with Lamar.

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and welcome to the community!

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Thank you!
Lamar has Patriots, @Bengals, Texans, @Rams, 49ers, 14. @Bills, 15. Jets, 16. @Browns

Rodgers has @Chargers, Carolina, BYE, @49ers, @Giants, 14. Redskins, 15. Bears, 16. @Vikings

I see the upside that Lamar already has had his bye and the playoff schedule looks a lot more juicy. Just need some outside opinions.

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agreed. I’d keep lamar or counter with you adding a lower value player and asking them for a higher value secondary player.

Lateral move. I would keep Lamar…

Lamar has a safer floor because the rushing.

I’d keep Lamar. I have Rodgers and I’d take Lamar if someone offered him to me.

Thank you guys!