Rodgers for Lindsay

I was just offered Aaron Rodgers for Phillip Lindsay, straight-up. I have Johnson, McCaffrey, Michel, Conner & McCoy. (Also Watson/Stafford for QB). I know Lindsay’s value goes up with Royce hurt, but since I’m so RB heavy, I take Rodgers, right?

Nah. You already have Watson and Stafford. Why give up a starting RB. I bet your WRs are weak. If anything, take your RBs and go out and acquire WRs.

(FWIW, my WRs are Thomas, Baldwin, Hilton, and Crabtree.)

he is trying to move him before he breaks for the season. hold.

Is that MT or DT? If it’s MT, you’re in a decent spot but you have zero depth. If it’s DT, you are struggling.

hehe It’s Michael, not Demaryius. :smiley:

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