Rodgers for Winston and CMC

I was offered Aaron Rodgers for my Jameis Winston and CMC. It’s very hard to say no to Rodgers but I’m concerned that giving up CMC weakens my RBs too much.

My other RBS:
Barkley, Mack, Riddick, Perine, Ballage

Any thoughts?

Is this a superflex league? If not, I would pull that trade back immediately and hope they didn’t accept already.

Only time this trade might make some sense, even then I probably still wouldn’t do it, is if its a superflex/2QB league.

Sorry, I should have said. This is a superflex league, 0.5 ppr. You think the Winston/CMC side is still better?

I’m thinking of countering with this:

I give - Winston, McCaffrey, 2019 1st

I get - Rodgers, McKinnon

Does that seem like a more even trade?

Who else do you have at QB? Do you actually need Rodgers, because i quite like your RB CMC and Barkley combo…

I have Tyrod, Flacco, McCarron, and Josh Allen, so nobody with guaranteed value. He approached me so I thought it was worth negotiating.

He just got back to me and said he thinks McCaffrey is a major downgrade on McKinnon, so I think I’m just going to stick with what I’ve got.

If i was in your position i would hold what you have 100%, it sounds like your trade partner is trying to fleece you if I’m honest. Barkley is more than likely a RB1 and CMC will be a high end RB2, maybe even low end RB1 if he gets some more carries and finds the endzone a bit more in year 2.

Rodgers is great but weakening your RB core to basically 1 serviceable starter is criminal, also if you could get McKinnon and he busts you’ve got to spend picks and maybe more player capital getting another one in which you currently don’t need to do. It’s only 3 games without Winston and Tyrod and Flacco will let you survive those games and you’ll be fine. How is your WR/TE core? If it’s decent, combined with Barkley and CMC you’ll be in good shape, also good shape for the future too.

I was set at TE until Hunter Henry went down, I have enough to survive without him though. My WRs are definitely a weak spot, I’m kind of reliant on a break out year from somebody.

WR - Allen, Jeffrey, Dez, Godwin, Cole, Gabriel, Trent Taylor, Chark, Hamilton, Cain

TE - Watson, Hooper, ASJ, Mark Andrews, Henry (IR)

I think you’re okay at most spots really, could use a break out sure but Allen and Jeffrey are a decent 1 and 2, and I think Goodwin could be a nice flex. Cain or Chark might step up for next year but I wouldn’t trade any of your key players at RB or WR to be honest you need them for your rebuild, and owners will be looking to poach by offering you weaker starters and depth keep your studs and build with them

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