Rodgers or Newton

I have Rodgers and I was offered Newton 1 for 1. Rodgers is always good but doesn’t have any good targets. And Newton has macraffrey and decent wrs. Standard league

That’s your preference, but if I took Rodgers with a +/- 3rd round pick I would have a hard time trading him for someone I took 2-3 rounds later. You could’ve drafted 2 more skill position players. I’d try to get the other guy to throw in something else with Newton if you’re really high on him, but that’s just my opinion.

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No way, a 1 for 1 trade isn’t worth it, I’d ask for more. There’s a reason Rodgers is the 1st QB drafted in almost every league. When healthy, he’s in a tier of his own and completely dominates. Newton is boom/bust, and definitely not worth Rodgers straight up. You can ask for more and he’ll probably accept.

Keep Rodgers for sure especially in that trade.

Thanks guys for the help I’m going to hold onto him

That’s a very good point that I never would have thought of! This is why I love this site.