Rodgers vs Jimmy and picks

I’ve got Jimmy G and Rodgers at QB. Hunt, Ingram and Henry at RB. My question is, should I trade Rodgers and Cobb for the #2 overall, #7 overall and Allen Robinson? I could get a great rookie RB at 2 and fill a hole at TE/WR with the 7th? My wr are kupp, Lee, parker and Someone else I’m dropping lol. I have no TE. Thoughts?

Assuming this is Dynasty. If so, then yes, I would do that in a heart beat. Allen Robinson is a young stud potential WR1. And then the #2 overall is the best RB in the class not-named Barkley and the 7th potentially yields you another RB or one of the top WRs in the class.

that sounds decent . but then be prepared to roll out with jimmy

I’m shocked anyone would give you that package for Rodgers and Cobb! This is not even close to what I’d consider to be a fair trade.

I think I would do this. Seems like you can do well to replenish with new players. Then draft another QB late and find some TE on the wire or FA pool (what ever you do).

Must be a Packers fan to offer that much. You should be able to make up production from Rodgers with adding depth at all the other positions. Take the trade, and make sure to nail your draft. I wouldn’t draft a TE right now, I would wait it out and look for any standouts or possibly try to trade one of your low-end WRs for a TE if you dont have any luck.

I’d do it. Don’t draft a TE in the first though. Take and RB and then your favorite RB or WR1. You can get a TE with just as much chance of actually making an immediate or long term impact in the 2nd or 3rd. Hurst (immediate), and later in the draft Ian Thomas (long term) would be targets for me.

…and I just Rodgers and rams d away for mixon, cooks, alex smith a 3rd rounder and points(for bidding on players)…call me satisfied