Roethlisberger/AB for M. Thomas/Russell Wilson?

I’ve been looking at ROS schedules and am seriously considering offering my Steelers for Thomas and Wilson. What do you think?

i’d rather have AB. Wilson isnt running the way we want him to

If you keep 2 qbs on your team, stick with ben and have another starter for his road games. Ben is generally a solid starter.
and yeah I would rather have AB over thomas. Yes JuJu has takin on a bigger load but AB is still the go to guy.
I think thomas is more at risk of getting bogged down with extra receivers and losing targets especially with MI2 back

Yeah, I feel like I’m buying high on Thomas and selling low on AB. But I’m not sure it changes ROS.

I have Luck also, but his schedule gets tough just when Wilson’s gets better.

The guy I’m trading with has Gurley, Thomas, Keenan Allen, Ertz and Thielen and we’re currently tied for first. But his team is so strong I don’t know if he’d accept the offer any way.

i wouldnt want to give AB to this monster team lol

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You don’t need another QB when you have luck. He’s throwing 50-60 times a game and has been a top 3 QB for past 3-4 weeks without his best WR. And Luck is too good to not produce. I have Luck finishing as a top 4 QB ROS.

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