Roethlisberger for my 2.3?

10 team superflex Dynasty
1.6, 2.3 and a 3 early 3rds

Rest of roster:
QBs: Bridgewater and M. Ryan
RBs: Barkley, Ekeler, Mostert, Gillman, B. Hill, G. Edward's, B. Love, M. Ingram, J. McKinnon
WRs: Golladay, Metcalf, E. Sanders, Sims Jr Fitzgerald, Crowder, Slayton, I. Ford, K. Bourne, R. Ridley, J. Meyers, G. Ward
TEs: T. Kelce, Gesicki, K. Smith and D. Sample

SF is admittedly outside of my expertise but I’d probably do it to get a third starting QB. Seems like you have a good roster overall and with the 1.6 and your 3rds it’s not like you’d be entirely in the cold.

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Honestly, no. I don’t think Big Ben helps enough to make you a legit title contender. Big Ben has 1 MAYBE 2 years left. He’s coming off a massive elbow injury and I honestly don’t see him doing particularly well this season.

Just think of the potential rookie QBs that will be on the board around 2.3 (pick 13). Possibly Justin Herbert, (shouldn’t be, but I don’t know your league). Jordan Love will likely be there at 13. Jalen Hurts will be there for sure, along with Jake Fromm and Jacob Eason.

Not all of them will start right off the bat. However, I do think they will end up giving you more productive years than what Ben would.

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Those were my thoughts
The draft board in my league is fairly transparent
We drafted rookie picks and the 5 before 1.6 are owned by a guy who has 3 qbs but no #1 wrs and only bell and founette
The #2 has a slew of qbs (6) including Mahomes
So I can see 2 QBs falling to me at 1.6
And the 2.3 is going to be a good pick
We draft May 1st so the 3 3rds should be fruitful depending on actual NFL draft landing spots