RoJo/DJ Moore for Fulgham/Mostert?

14 team league, 0.5ppr. Currently sitting at 6-2, tied for 1st. Not excited about RoJo going forward. Thoughts on RoJo and DJ Moore for Mostert and Fulgham. Mostert will come back around week 10 or 12 but I have RB depth. I also kinda like Fulgham over DJ Moore as far as targets. Thoughts? Here’s my roster:

RBs: AJones, Carson, RoJo, Moss, Damien Harris
WRs: AJ Brown, Claypool, DJ Moore, Agholor

Could also ask for Mattison too to have a high-end backup. Unless if there are other potential RBs to shop for RoJo?

Yea it seems like the Bucs backfield is a complete timeshare now with Fournette getting all the passing work. If you can trade RoJo and Moore for Mostert and Fulgham, I would do it

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Only issue is I have Carson and AJones with their statuses up in the air, if one plays I’d have Zack Moss for flex, if no one I’d have to look to waivers. Projected to win by a lot though so I’d rather have Mostert and Fulgham going forward, thoughts?