ROJO or Ekeler in full ppr

I feel like ROJO could go off and Ekeler could break my heart (I kept him). I’m facing the guy who beat me in the Superbowl last year, and he’s projected 20 points over me right now?

I think Ekeler is going to have a big game this week. I have him in two of my leagues and am starting him. Should get work in the pass game this week so could be his week for full PPR. I think you cannot go wrong with either one though. They both are going to have rebound games as long as Jones keeps Fournette off the field.

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Ekeler. Obviously I might be wrong but ekeler seems to be several levels safer

I know the right thing to say here is Ekeler just based on talent and history… We don’t want to overreact to week 1 etc etc… But at the same time, if this were my team, I can’t say for sure I’d make that decision. When you really break it down, Ekeler should get more than his 1 target from last week… but even there, I can’t imagine he gets much going on the ground with how good that Chiefs DL is… He absolutely needs 4-6 targets to return any kind of value… Especially knowing Josh Kelley will get all the goal line work. The argument in favor of Rojo is; TB should score several TDs against this weak Panthers D and Rojo has a decent chance of falling into the endzone on one of those drives. But his ceiling there would be like 10-15 points (without a multi-TD day)… If Ekeler gets his targets, the sky is the limit. He’s hyper talented and more than capable of ripping off long runs after catch. Both have bottomed out floors, Ekeler has the higher ceiling with fewer paths to success, and Rojo has the higher TD opportunity with a limited ceiling. IMO of course.

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That was amazing. Thank you