RoJo vs Drake ROS

14 team league, 0.5ppr. Is it even worth going after Drake as a buy low? I just don’t trust RoJo ROS but Drake has looked brutal so might be a fool’s errand. Thoughts? And if not who should I try to target with RoJo?

My RBs: AJones, Carson, RoJo, Damien Harris, Zack Moss

Bumping up

I would still take Drake, even though I hate his face right now. RoJo has shown us who he is enough to start believing him. I have more trust in Harris, a PATRIOTS RB, than I do RoJo and that’s saying a lot.

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I have both Harris and RoJo lol trying to move them both. It’s tough to potentially stomach it since the Drake owner is interested in doing the trade for RoJo, just hoping Drake can turn it around hah need that encouragement.

Yeah I would trade either of them for Drake. Then I’d pray Drake has a decent game this week and package him together with whichever RB you didn’t give up for him and trade him for a competent RB.

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