Rojo Worth Rostering?

12 team half ppr league.

I feel like he’s gonna be stuck in BA’s RB carousel and at the back of the line

I sort of agree- but it’s only been one week and you know he’ll contribute.
His body language was killing me in that game. Just looked so defeated, like he knew he wasn’t gonna see the field for the rest of that game. BUT- I would hold on to him for another week. That’s just me personally, but I hold one more week and see if he comes back to relevance- or maybe an injury to Gio or Lenny. There’s so many scoring opportunities in TB- even if Brady mostly throws.

Agree with @Marencophoto I’d hold for one more week and see. In a 12 team i suspect there isn’t a clear pick up that you would drop him for at this stage so he’s a hold for me too.