Roll the dice with Luck?

My QB’s are Prescott and Luck. Prescott’s bye week is next week (week 6). Word is Luck may be back week 6, but he also may not be. In this league we are limited to 16 roster moves per season. Do I roll the dice and hope Luck is back during Prescott’s bye week, or do I drop Luck for a different QB. Goff and Simien are both available to be picked up.

16 moves a season? Damn that sucks bigtime!

I guess you have to sit and pray Luck plays and does well.

16 moves a season. That is no fun at all. Yes, roll them dice, and use another life on the waiver wire if he doesn’t play.

whats your current record and how confident are you in your opponents team? if your doing well enough i would roll the dice especially if your opponents team is suffering from the same 16 roster move injustce and also hurting in certain areas.