Roll With Gofful or Drop And Stream

I have been rolling with Goff in PPR for a while and every week he makes my butt pucker. What are your thoughts on keeping him or stream guys like Cousins, Dalton, Brigewater and Darnold??

Goff plays ATL then CIN then a Bye. That’s my vote, then pickup Darnold/stream

Based on the schedules below, my (2) preferred options are:

  1. Keep Goff then in 1-2 weeks pickup Allen (if possible) or Darnold
  2. Goff, then Cousins v WSH , then Darnold for the lovely schedule (if hes still available)

Cousins - DET WSH KC
Dalton - JAX LAR Bye
Bridge - CHI ARI Bye

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Thank you for this layout. I do feel like I should just stick with Goff due to his schedule but man L.A. has been depressing. So I think Ill shoot to grab Darnold for after his NE/JAX weeks. Thanks for your help.

Keep Goff. He’s gonna be fine. Just sit him when he’s playing teams that have high sack rates, a la San Fran, KC, etc. Rams protection is trash right now.

His next two weeks are golden. Settle in!