Roll with or without kicker

So I can’t decide if I want to cut one of my players to pick up a kicker.

I’m currently projected to win vs my opponent but can not decide if I want to cut one of my bench players.
What do you guys think I should do?
Side note: full PPR/4 pt passing TD

Miles Sanders

i would try to trade murray and shepard in a package deal for a wr2 and then pick up a kicker

miles sanders has more potential then a waiver wire kicker

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I thought about doing that but it doesn’t help that he is suppose to be ruled out for this week and when you say Wr2 what players are you thinking?

The miami kicker is surely on your waivers so stick to your idea and if you end up with a few points behind you pick him on MNF.
Thats what im currently doing cause i want to see what emmi sanders will be at sf. If needed i cut him for miami k.

Robert woods or Kenny g

if there is a team that needs rbs Murray would be a good piece to trade
Shepard was just an example u could pair him with sanders and just send out some offers see what people counter with

Only thing is I don’t think I would be willing to drop Lamar or Mark Andrews to grab a kicker

Vouch to the comish about an IR spot so when Shepard is ruled out you can pick up a kicker without dropping. Surprised you don’t have an IR spot in your league

Would drop murray if he stays on your bench. They have bye upcomming and kamara will heal up

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I am the commish we had a vote before the year started and “no IR spot” won trust i was pushing for it haha

You think Allen Robinson would be a good target?

yes especially bc murray will have a value drop soon

I really find it hard to believe in a home game against a non-NFC south team where they are heavily favored the game before the bye-week that Kamara is going to start… Why risk a franchise player?