Roll with Reed or pickup someone?

Should I roll with Reed this week/ROS, or pickup OJ Howard, Hooper, or Olsen?

I actually dropped reed for Howard yesterday. Something just seems off. Even though he has the targets he hasnt done much with him. And seen last week winston definately prefers howard over brate

If you can roster Howard and Reed i’d do that and try and trade Reed but as both are past the bye week i wouldn’t mind either to be honest ROS. You should get safer production with Reed, but a higher weekly ceiling potential with Howard.

Personally i’d want to grab Howard asap and trade Reed but if you can’t i would go Howard ROS for the upside

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Give me howard ROS over reed. Howard doesn’t belong on waivers. He might be my favorite TE who is not in the top 3. It’s between him and kittle.

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