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Roll without a K for a week, or risk losing out on an RB


I have a kind of stacked roster, Jameis, Hunt, Gordon, Gurley, Ertz, Watkins, Diggs, Parker, Hopkins, Benjamin, Lions, Lutz with backup rbs stewart and oliver (getting dropped).

Is it stupid to try and roll without a kicker for a week in an effort to grab another RB (there’s like 4 decent ones out there), or should I just play the normal game of grab a K and wait another week on an RB?


I would roll without a defense before I would go without a kicker, maybe I’m wrong, I was wondering about that strategy myself. My reasoning is kickers are almost always just adding points and have a way easier route to 15-20+ points. Whereas a defense could not only lose you points, that have to perform lights out for them to be in the 15-20+ range.

Of course you have weeks like the jaguars and whoever plays the dolphins.

And there could also be weeks like Tavecchio on the raiders playing the jets. Six extra points. Six of them. I lost by one point that week :roll_eyes:


It’s hard for me to skip because like you said the points, i can probably get 10 out of anyone. That said sometimes they stink and you get 4, and i’d rather risk the 4 point play for a RB vs get 4 points that might not matter and lose out on a season continuing piece.