Ronald Jones for 2.02

10 team superflex and I’d be giving up the 2.02.

I’m thin at RB with the below:
Darrell Williams

What do you guys think? I’m on the fence. This year doesn’t look good obviously but he’s a UFA after this year and only 23 still.

10 team SF eh,
Okay Im guessing 5 qbs go rd 1 at some point in first 7/8 picks.
I would look at WR need for picks 1.08-2.01 If they are WR needy you may get Javontae, but if he’s going to go before the 2.02 (which he probably will even so). But also I think if you aren’t going to compete this year who ever you get could still have better longevity.

That being said, theres rumblings Bruce may be Bruce and draft their QB of the future and let them sit (like he tried to with vaughn).

So you get a probably starter and an unknown future
You get lucky and have a probable 8yr starter who should hit
Realistic: Waddle or Marshall at WR.

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Thanks man, this is really helpful and I think I need to run some more mocks to see how I’d end up with both situations

Yeah, the other thing is you may even be able to get him for less 2. People are freaking out their going to take Etienne, but again he would likely be brought along like David Johnson was under Bruce. Learn behind Fornette and Rojo then become THE guy in '22