Ronald Jones II overvalued?

Wanted to get some takes on Rojo. While I rate him as a talent, he was too rich for my blood in my dynasty start up draft at the top of the third, second rookie taken behind Barkley.

Am I wrong to view him as a CMC mark 2 type of player, given the skill set and size? Also I grabbed Barber in the 15th round for some depth, is he a good sneaky stash as a guy that in my mind should get some 1st and 2nd down work and goal line carries – I see the Tampa backfield forming like the Carolina backfield last season and likely again this season?

I agree. He flew up draft boards after landing in TB, started going as the 1.02 in some rookie drafts. I do think the landing spot is being overvalued a bit. Like you said, Barber is still there. They resigned Sims to play the pass catching role.

Not sure I really see the CMC comparison. They were different players in college, Rojo wasnt used all that much in the passing game at USC. Rojo had 32 receptions his whole college career, CMC had 99. It seems like TB wants him as their between the tackles, early down guy who could also catch some balls. CMC was drafted for his particular pass catching skill set and with the addition of CJA it seems like he’s going to stay that way.

Sorry not a player comp per say more of just my thinking that I see him as a mismatch guy that will get touches in the running and passing game. With Barber being a bit bigger doing some of the power work that’s where the likeness ended - probably should have just left CMC out lol. But as you say the hype train is really rolling and will be interesting to see how he pans out. The guy who took him he was also his RB1 as he went WR/WR in the first 2 rounds (Drake, Collins plus the other rookies were all still there at the time…)

Yah, I hear you man. Sheesh, yah I wouldn’t feel great about Rojo as my RB1, or any rookie outside of Saquon to be honest - they all come with their questions marks. Maybe it’ll work out for him. How’s your draft going?

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Pretty well, we’ve hit a very slow pace in the last round or so, I’m waiting for it to come back around to me for round 18. So far my team is as follows, just need to get some TE depth and grab a kicker, what do you think so far? Looking at some combination of ASJ, Seals-Jones, Vannett and McDonald for the depth behind Ertz.

QBs - Stafford/Winston/Darnold
RBs - Zeke/Guice/CJ Anderson/Breida/Barber/Clemet
WRs - Allen/Baldwin/Kirk/Crowder/Miller/Ross/DJ Chark
TE’s - Ertz/
K -

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Looks solid, man! No real holes I can see. Some good depth. Miller as your WR5 could be a steal and it sounds like Clement could push Ajayi for touches this year and might be the guy next year. Those gaps in slow email drafts can be brutal haha.

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Thanks mate appreciate that tried not to leave myself too exposed anywhere. Yes hoping Clement and a couple of the other guys with potential step up and give me some real selection headaches but the good kind going forward!

I see Rojo as the 5th best rookie RB, and someone might convince me he’s 4th above Sony. Guice and Penny are 2 and 3 based on talent and opportunity. Remember this is based off Dynasty rankings, Penny would not be that high in a redraft. If rojo turns into CMC, or even CMC lite, Id be fine with that but not at the top of the 3rd in a startup.

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here is why i love ROJO. also i didnt read anyone elses comment so im sorry if its already been said.

he landed with the bucs, which is a damn good scheme fit. he is fast, and explosive, get him out in space and he is dangerous. those types of players only need to touch the ball 15 times a game. if thats 10 rushes and 5 catches, or 5 rushes and 10 catches, either way it doesnt matter who is behind him. he will produce at a high rate if used properly. yeah, he needs to work on his hands but im really not concerned about it. he honestly is Jamaal charles 2.0. the build the speed the open space elusiveness… the hands coming out of college. jamaal was the exact same. under used, had some bad drops, everyone thought oh man, no way he makes it he needs to catch the ball. not true at all. once they started working him on catching every day instead of once a week, he did what ROJO will do if they do the same, which they will. which is get used to catching the ball out of the backfield. THEN add in that he falls forward constantly even though he weighs 200 pounds, that there really isnt anyone noticable behind him besides change of pace backs, abd boy howdy… that dude has a high ceiling of jamaal charles. i wouldnt ever take him as early as the 1.02, but 1.04 and later is perfect. barkely, penny, and guice are gone by then so that risk reward becomes a lot less risky since its not like you are taking him OVER a guice or penny. he still has his risks of course, cause who doesnt. but he will be a solid player, to jamaal charles level. thats his range in my eyes.

He was my RB 6 going into the draft. I’m not nearly as high on the player of the situation as most, so I won’t have any shares. A small RB with no pass catching resume going to a team with 2 established passing down backs just doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy about his prospects.

They obviously like him, and draft capital is a big deal, so I do think he’ll get a lot of opportunity, but i think there are several better options in this class

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I am more inline with @DFWB here. I do not dislike RoJo, but I think he is being over-valued if taken much before 1.07 from how I look at just talent/landing spot. I get that he has a chance to walk in and be productive immediately, but I think that other rookie backs are better talent and over time will out pace him. This year possibly not withstanding. He is a great lottery ticket for a win now team, but those team owners are likely not banking a rookie to get them over the top.

But if I am really being honest, I do not think there is much difference in this top end of the 2018 class. Any of the top 8 could be fine selections and have equal chance of blowing up or failing hard. Many of the late 2nd/early 3rd can also shock folks. In the end I try to not put many flags on rookies. I need to see it before I buy in. I draft them and guess, sure, but I am not hanging my teams hopes and dreams on the choice.

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