Ronald Jones on Waivers

Is RJ worth a pickup? My RBs now are:

  • Cook
  • Swift
  • M. Davis
  • Ingram
  • L. Murray

I think he has to be? Starter on a good offense? But, fumbles a lot… The other option was Gainwell from Philly. Looked to be the RB2 in Philly.

Ronald Jones finished as a top 20 RB last year but in that Tampa bay committee it will be difficult predicting his best games. If it’s a free pickup with no FAAB involved Id say do it just to see what happens and for depth. Jones could be useful when bye weeks hit. With Gainwell your chasing more upside over the course of the season. I think of Gainwell as a big boom or bust type player where he’ll either win your week or lose your week. Go with Jones but keep your eye on Gainwell

You have five RBs better than Jones already, so I don’t see the point.

Leave him where he belongs, on waivers. The highs and lows emotionally are enough to make you want to end it. Every carry, you will be screaming “Hold on to the effing ball!!!” That’s not enjoyable.