Ronald Jones or Royce Freeman (this week)

Rumors are, Jones is going to be the RB 1 coming out of the BYE - and ATL DEF is awful.

Royce is giving me fits. I know it’s not completely his fault, but talk about under-performing…ugh.

Considering the matchup, is the flyer on RJ II a good risk?

PPR League. I’m 2-3 and have played so many close ones I’d like to die. we are also 16 deep so getting anyone (via Waiver or Trade) is almost impossible. No flex - only 2 RB spots. And yes, I’m also playing Tevin Coleman for the same matchup (talk about the RB shakes…)

I am also between Ronald and AP. Leaning Ronald now that AP is hurt but still have no clue

Yeah. An injured AP sort of makes that decision easier for you.
AP will play - he’s stubborn that way. And there are a ton on injuries on the WAS offense, but still - I think that you are in a better position avoiding the 'Skins this week. I would, any way.

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Regarding Royce vs ronald, that’s a hard one. I think I would go Royce just because you know he’s an established RB and can produce. Also there is snow on the radar which significantly helps the RB position

One thing to keep in mind is weather for the game in Den. I really do expect more running both ways if mother nature offers some wind and snow.

For me it would be very difficult to trust Ronald Jones in my starting lineup right now, despite the nice matchup. I would want to see something from him first before plugging him in.

i dont like freeman’s matchup, broncos will probably be coming from behind all game and lindsay might be more used. But denver fans(including me) are fed up with VJ not giving freeman oportunities, and the head coach know that his job is on the line, so theres a chance he goes and give freeman the ball more.
I like jones ROS, picked him up on the waivers, but i’d be scared to play him rn, feel like he’s a boom or bust this week, either he dominates the backfield, or he will be on sharing snaps, playing less than freeman probably will…
I’d go freeman right now