Ronald Jones worth a stash?

Thinking about stashing Ronald Jones, but I really don’t have a good read on him. He had a rough preseason but they gave him 10 carries last week, Barber’s been underwhelming, & he’s a 2nd rounder. Is he worth a roster spot right now? Anyone have insight on him?

don’t drop anyone of value . but if you have a spot. toss him in it. He is very talented but just not clicking in the NFL yet.

With winston coming back he may see more play. I don’t foresee anything fantasy relevant from him until the back half of the year.

I agree he’s probably more of a back half of the year option, but I’m figuring this is the week to stash him since TB is on bye. Don’t know if I want to drop any of my pieces for him; right now it’d be either Lockett or LatMurray

yea. i hear ya. Since baldwin is back I just dropped locket in one of my leagues to pick up keke as a hopkins owner.

I think murray may still have a chance to produce and locket has been fairly consistent but its about playing them over other main guys.

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Thanks for the input :+1: