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Rookie 1.10


I have the 1.10 and was wondering if taking Oj Howard when I have Cameron brate is smart or silly. Lots of T E I’m never a fan of but who knows who will come out on top. Prob OJ… side note, already acquired Mixon through a trade, I have no 2nd rounder.


Howard at 1.10 is a steal. I assume this is a PPR Dynasty?


Ah yes. PPR dynasty. That’s close to his ADP I think. I prob rate njoku a little higher. But having brate makes it both enticing and not.


Howard for a few reasons. Higher chance of him staying on the field due to his insane blocking ability. Draft Capital. Offense is better around him which is a plus. He has a QB and will be the next biggest target outside of Evans. Brate is NOT a good prospect. Talent is not close and that will be apparent in a year if not sooner. Once Howard hits, he will be the guy to own for years.

I love Njoku too for different reasons, but for what I just stated OJ is safer.


GREAT input thanks man. Figured that’s how it would be just need to hang on to brate a little longer. … got offered willie Snead for the 1.10 which is tempting.


I have Lamar Miller. Should I reach for Foreman or stick with OJ Howard? (No 2nd rounder)


Tough to say man. You know your team needs. I love OJ here, but if you want an RB than I would personally go Mack or Foreman. 3rd you could also pick up McNichols or Aaron Jones on pure potential.


If you have any sort of roster built to win NOW I’d rather get a talented RB that could potentially take over the starter role, like Samaje Perine or Kareem Hunt. I know it’s dynasty and everyone’s crazy about Howard though. To me, it seems like he should be a great NFL tight end right away, but not so sure about fantasy…


So this draft is done but Kareem Hunt fell to me so I felt that was a win. Only position I have a need for is WR but those are easier to fill so I’ll take it. Traded 1.08 and 2.08 for 1.05(joe mixon) and I own gio so pretty good draft… ended with Kennny Golladay as my flier… on to the next rookie draft so stay tuned! Ha


very nice!