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Rookie draft advice


On the clock with picks 2.16 & 3.3 Who should I pick up Kizer, Aaron Jones, Gallman, or Chad Williams. Current roster QB: Brady, RB: D Freeman, AP, McCaffrey, WR: Baldwin, D Jax, Vic Cruz, LaFell, Amendola, Trav Ben, TE: Graham, Cook, Ingram. .5 PPR 16 team league Flex (RB/WR/TE) Dynasty


A. Jones or Williams out of those 3 for me. If you want a QB, malhomes over Kizer. Galladay, Tawan Taylor, I would consider as well


yea i also like Taylor. (i assume Mack, connor and mnnichols are gone).


Malhomes was the 1st QB off the board then Watson and Mitch. Galladay and Taylor both gone too. Henderson just went off the board. I think Chad is the best left.

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Williams is a good WR. Arians knows how to draft WRs too, especially in the third round. He has hands as good as any other rookie. Plus those cardinals need someone to step up after fitz is gone.