Rookie Draft advise for the 1.03

Coming off a Championship and made a trade early in the year that landed me the 1.03. I have been able to draft well and make some good trades that has my currect roster pretty stacked. Looking to see what people would be targeting if they were in my spot.

12 Team PPR, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex and 1 TE

Here is my Current Roster-

QBs- Lamar and Cam

RB- Nick Chubb, Antonio Gibson, JK Dobbins Jeff Wilson, Damien Harris, and Josh Kelly

WR- AJ Brown, Justin Jefferson, Deandre Hopkins, Allen Robinson, DJ Moore, Kenny Golladay and Russell Gage

TE Travis Kelce, Gerald Evrett and cole kmet on taxu squad

Nice lineup. You’re stacked at WR so if Pitts doesn’t fall to you then I would look to trade back.


My first year in dynasty so probably not the most trustworthy yet in this, but cam is at the end so maybe taking a qb for the future in lance or one that should be taking over real soon in fields just in case anything happens to lamar.
The other position you might want to sure up is rb since wilson is done so if najee is there you can take a stab at him. He should have a very good year.
And pitts if he is there that should be good too.
I wouldnt look for wr either.

WRs look awesome. I’d trade one of your older ones and take Chase at 1.03 unless Pitts is there. You could easily turn one of those WR1s into a RB1.