Rookie Draft. Campbell, AJ, JJ, Brown or Deebo

If you had the choice to pick 1 of Parris Campbell, AJ Brown, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Hollywood Brown or Deebo Samuel.
Who would you choose. Im leaning Campbell / JJ. But what says you?


Parris. not by a ton, but i love the talent and team he landed on. i want all of them to be honest, but parris has a good shot at being a golden tate of the world, only i would think better. everyone else has to have something go right for them. brown has to hope for mariota to change his play style, or be gone and someone good comes in. JJ is a big bodied freak on a good offense, but has to get alshon out of the way, and has to worry about wentz and his history. brown is a guy i would love to see with an explosive team, but right now he is on the run heavy, throwing weak, ravens. and samuel, great talent, on a murky ish team, especially when it comes to depth. Campbell is the only one that i see who has a clear roll already carved out, and has the telnt to start pretty quick.

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