Rookie Draft Dynasty

12 team .5ppr dynasty

QB: Dak
RB: Ekeler, M. Sanders
WR: Metcalf, DJ Moore, M. Thomas
TE: Kittle

Those are the main players, and I’m in a rebuild. I have the 101, 102, 104, 201, 202 in rookie draft.

101 - Najee

Who else you taking? Would you try and trade out of picks?

Absolutely Najee at 1. Then maybe Pitts and Sermon at 2 and 4? I wouldn’t be opposed to Chase and Sermon, since you have Kittle…

I’ve seen enough of Wilson to put him at the top of the rookie QB class at this point in time, so I’d probly spend one of those top 2 second-round picks on him–and best available player with the other–maybe Etienne, if people are avoiding him. He’d be worth a 2nd round stash in dynasty leagues.

What I pulled in draft:

101- N. Harris
102- K. Pitts
104- J. Chase
201- T. Lawrence
202- T. Marshall
301- K. Toney (didn’t love this pick)
401- A. St. Brown

202 I could have drafted E. Moore, but thought Marshall has a higher ceiling.

  1. Don’t love K. Toney, but in the third round, for a guy drafted in the 1st. I felt like why the F. not.

Not bad, looks like Sermon went at 3?

St. Brown is a STEAL that late!

Toney could turn into the complement to Golladay, so… there’s that. Just don’t expect a fast start.