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Rookie draft help. Dyansty


I get pick 2 in our dynasty rookie draft.

I am going to assume pick one will be Barkley.

As #2 who do you guys see being the most valuable?




Remove Sony from the options.

I would say Guice, better offensive line, better offense, but I can see the Penny argument as well.


im of the same mind. take sony out, and go between guice or penny. i lean penny, because he is THE guy there. bad offensive line or not, if he goes 300 carries like he easily could with them, thats a lot of yards even if he goes for 3.8 a carry. 1100+. now im not saying he will for sure get that much work, but i could see it happening pretty easy with their D. its weaker now so they have to slow the game down.

i love guice as well, but his touches should be much less than penny. maybe he is more productive with his less touches, but i just lean penny. and like Guinness said, although i lean that way, that doesnt mean i would be mad at guice being 1.02.

now you may ask why remove michel, its just simply the system he landed in. michel would have been a fantastic pick 1.02 with plenty of teams. this, just isnt one of them. that patriots system is messy for an RB, especially one with injury, and fumble concerns. even healthy and not fumbling, he slides into dion lewis’s role, which will disappear game to game. i broke all this down on another post. if i find it ill link it here so i dont have to rewrite the whole conversation lol.


Guice for me.


all good points.

Do you guys see Ronald Jones II on that list at all?

also heard that Royce Freeman is on tap to get 200+ touches in denver. could be here say.


Really the only argument that can be made for not Guice is in a 0.5 PPR league as Seattle will undoubtedly use Penny a lot in that regard. Personally, I think Guice is the safer bet however.


Yea… our league is standard .


I do not. Not at all. Honestly, I’ve never been high on him as a player, never understood why people thought the landing spot was a positive one, and the reports out of Tampa have made me fade him even more. I think this is a legit RBBC and I’d have a hard time not only taking him over the other consensus round 1 rookie RBs, but Moore, Ridley, and Miller as well, unless I had a significant need at RB.


To clarify: I think both he and Chubb will depreciate significantly this year and be solid buy in dynasty formats around the end of the season (Chubb would definitely be my target ahead of Rojo). I just don’t want to be the guy who paid sticker price, especially considering what else is available.


he being jones?


Yes, I’m referring to Jones


i consider ROJO, but i would never do it. i value penny too high, and guice is the same kind of player (from a touch standpoint) and i believe in his chance of success in the NFL a little more. he isnt a bad choice at all, i just prefer others.

but on that note, @DFWB what reports are you hearing out of tampa? i have heard nothing but good ones. at first it was payton will lead the way, but they quickly changed their tune to its going to be split, and they havent even put on pads yet. have you heard something i havent?


Most recent data iv heard is that it went from PB being main work horse to them being impressed with ROJO enough to say they will time share


Reports that Barber and Rogers will still be involved (i think Barber the obvious choice for goal line work anyway), and that Sims could retain his pass catching roll (which I’ve suspected all along).

I’ve also heard the words timeshare specifically used. I think his appeal was theoretical workhorse work load, and I don’t think it’s there. Neither is the TD upside, and I’m skeptical of the PPR upside. Hard pass for me.


i never thought of him as a workhorse. i always assumed he would get 15 touches or so a game, between air and ground. his skillset to me has always been one that gets used that way and is productive that way. actually, i would like him a lot less if he was the workhorse. i know this has been beaten to death, but jamaal charles. he is jamaal charles in damn near every way. and if the chiefs used jamaal the way the bucs are planning on, i think he stays healthy and productive. if jones gets 200 carries and lets say 60 targets, i think he will out produce many RBs who get the same amount of opportunity. my ideal situation for him is 200 carries and 80 targets. that clears my 15 touches a game theory. i think with that he will get 1000-1200 yards (if my assement of him is correct, which would put him between 4 and 5 yards per catch and attempt) and who knows on TDs cause they are unpredictable.

anyway, thats my ideal, not what im saying will happen so dont tear me apart on that lol. thats worthy of looking at with the 1.02. i still wouldnt, but it makes me itch to say not to that.


Totally agree! I’d go Guice with the 1.02, personally… And wouldn’t even really need to hesitate. But I’m very comfortable with RoJo! He’d be a fine #2 pick ordinarily and I do also think the Jamaal Charles comparisons can’t be stressed enough. He’s a great RB! I just think Guice is going to get the volume, and his style is more suited to have early success.

As for Royce Freeman — HAIL no! I’m taking Sony, Guice, RoJo, Kerryon… All of them over Freeman. He’s in a good situation, but I don’t love his long-term potential. He’s much better for redraft than dynasty, IMO.


I can understand Johnson, but I think Rojo over Freeman is a mistake. A big one. Personally, I have Freeman 5th, behind Penny.


Boyz what’s your opinion of the presence of Chris Thompson?
Don’t you think Thompson was to good at passing downs to ignore him?..or dont you „fear“ him at all?

I mean it could be that guice become the 3down horse but I can’t see it in the near future (despite all ota‘s praise that he catches well)! CT has a clear role in this offense and if he isn’t injured (I have to admit that he is a little bit prone) he will be out there blocking guice’ ceiling!
I think penny has the „easier“ path to be an RB1 at least workload wise🤔


yea… Thompson “if healthy” will retain that passing downs\third down work. Guessing they

Guice 70/30 Thompson


i would be concerned if cousins was still there. with smith there, you have a guy who will be willing to check down more than kirk ever would have on 1st and second down which is when guice should be in. i wouldnt expect anything crazy like 80 receptions, but im happy with 40 and thats what i have him around. so long as he gets 65% and up of the carries, with those 40 receptions, thats enough to make him very valuable.