Rookie Draft, him or him

In my upcoming rookie draft, I have the 1.08 and the 2.04. My plan was to go K. Johnson (or best RB) with the 1.08 and the best available WR at 2.04; but, then I read this by Fantasy Football Analyst Jeff Radcliffe: “If there’s a player in this year’s class who has the potential to be the next Odell Beckham Jr., it’s Miller. You read that right. Don’t sleep on him.”

Do I consider Anthony Miller with the 1.08 and take BAP at 2.04?

I’d be wary of going by analyst’s comparisons to figure out where you’re drafting someone. I have no specific data to back this up, but there are have just been so many misses. Laquon Treadwell was compared to Deandre Hopkins according to fantasy writers, Trent Richardson to A pete, Donte Moncrief to Josh Gordon (pre drug issues), Bishop Sankey to Ray Rice. This happens every year. Back to your questions though, it is a great spot for Miller in what seems like a much improved offense with a young QB, and if you believe in him and want him on your team, draft him at the 1.08 because there is certainly a chance he could be gone at 2.04. He went at the 1.10 in one of my drafts and the 2.03 in the other.

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I’ve done my due diligence and like Miller a lot; but, I don’t know which guy to go for. My roster isn’t in need of either guy so I’m willing to look long term for production. I feel like both guys are similarly ranked; but, like you said, one or both of them has a good chance to bust. I’m also considering Kirk, but I know I won’t see real production from him until next year.

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If you’ve got the roster space to stash him for a year or two I like it, but if Dante Pettis is available I’d rather have him, both short and long term.

@AdamRich84 you’d rather have Pettis over Kirk, Miller, and Johnson?

Sorry if that was misleading. I don’t think you’d have to take Miller or Pettis at the 1.08, I still like Kerryon/Best Available RB at that spot.

It’s unlikely that Kirk will be around for 2.04, but if he is then yeah, that’s your guy. If you’re looking at both Miller and Pettis at the 2.04 I like Pettis. I don’t think either of them is the wrong pick, it’s mostly a gut thing.

Because Garoppolo spent so much time behind Brady, and the way he finished the year, I look at who might fill the roles that Brady uses. I think Pettis could be Garoppolo’s Edelman.

I agree with all of that; I don’t think I can go wrong with any of those WRs, they all should have talent and opportunity with good QBs. And Kirk actually may be available because this is a hybrid dynasty/keeper thing. I won’t bore you with the details but rookies and low-end non-rookies are all in the same draft; so, I expect Kirk to go right around 1.10-2.05.

Also, because of the unique structure of the league, I am only keeping 10 guys, none of which are TEs. Any thoughts on taking Trey BuBu instead of a rookie WR with the 2.04?

I’m done with my rookie drafts, so now I can put this on the record. Miller is my WR1 in this class.

So yes, I’d take him at 1.08, happily.

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