Rookie draft QBs superflex

At what picks do you think the top 4 qbs will be drafted in a rookie superflex draft?

If I had to guess… the top 4 would be gone by 1.09… depending how competitive and QB ready everyone was

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I pretty much agree with @Jungy on this. Unless you are in a league where everyone waits on QB (I am not sure these leagues exist outside of heavy analyst only leagues), I could see early mid 2nd as a final flag. However, if four go early in the draft I think they will fly. I would guess between 1.09-2.04. That said, IMHO if you are needy you take your guy and do not risk it. Even if 2 are still there. QB are too valuable to try and play it cool.

I have 1.03/1.06/1.10 and am considering moving for 1.02 or 1.04. I am thinking of grabbing 2 QB if possible. I do not need them, but I know others will and I can get more trade value. Right now, a pick is a lottery ticket and some teams do not want to move their studs. Having a real asset to trade is much more appealing.

Just my thoughts, but I hope they help!