Rookie draft season 2

Season 2, Rookie draft update:

  1. Saqoun Barkley (1:01)
    1b. Kerryon Johnson (1:10)
  2. Deon Cain (2:06)
  3. No 3rd (traded predraft to aquire 1:10)
  4. J’Mon Moore (4:06)
  5. TBD
    I’d love your thoughts on my results going into the final round. I reached for Cain. I’m a colts fan and wanted to make sure he ended up on my roster. Not having a third I decided to make a move…

1st round guys are no brainers, pretty much fell as they fell.

Great value on Jmon moore.

MASSIVE overpay for Cain imo. You could have easily moved back and acquired multiple picks in 2nd/3rd and still got Cain and probably pick up another useful guy either a QB or someone like Trequan smith.

Fair point about trading back. But the guys in this league are primarily Clemson alum. I’m one of the few that aren’t. I think he returns on the investment though. I knew when I made the pick it was too soon. Just took a luxury pick after feeling pretty good coming out of the first round. 🤷

I’m all for getting your guy but if you have a bunch of other guys willing to overpay for a clemson player, that just means more value will fall to you in the draft. Either way, you got a pretty decent open and I think good value on Moore so hopefully it works out.

Hard to get a return on investment on overpays though. Do like the situation he’s in. Don’t think he beats out Grant this year. Probably going to have to be pretty patient on that one.

I think he gets on the field this season. We were thin at the position already. He’s flashed in camp and I know that’s not saying a lot of anything, but he’s impressed the coaches in Indy. We’ll revisit if I’m wrong though lol…

Oh yeah I think he makes roster and maybe see’s a couple snaps. I was just saying I don’t think he has any fantasy relevance this year. The WR2 probably ends up being grant and Hines will also take a lot of short yardage/slot passing work.

The two first round RBs are nice, but I can’t imagine Cain was close to the best WR option on the board.

Pettis and courtland Sutton were the only two ranked higher that I would have taken at that point. Wanted Pettis but I wanted to be able to draft Cain and I don’t think he was coming back around. But yea I was glad kerryon fell to 10. Was planning on taking DJ Moore, but when Johnson fell I had to take him. Jmon can be a steal as well.

Hold on. You picked Cain over Sutton? I was not aware of this. I assumed Sutton went in the 1st round along with miller and gallup in the early second. That is absolutely absurd.

I’d also definitely take pettis over him although I don’t like Pettis that much which is why I didn’t care that much about that one.

Sutton is my #1 receiver in this draft, great landing spot great talent. Passing him up for Cain is absolutely criminal. I don’t even care if Cain was your brother at that point. I like this draft much less now.

Cain would have been at best my 10th WR in this class.

Sutton went 3rd pick of the 3rd round. And the 7th wr taken. He is so unfinished and there are good receiving options already there. Plus they drafted Hamilton. I don’t think he’s close to the best option. Better than Cain as a prospect right now I concede that point and don’t even argue that I made a pick I could have made later. But like I said I took the guy I wanted on my team. Neither guy is starting for me this season most likely anyway.

Your opinion is the one that matters, I just don’t agree with it :slight_smile:

Jesus christ. 3rd for Sutton is absolutely criminal. If I got Sutton in the 3rd, I’d be laughing all the way to the bank. Hell if I got him in the 2nd, I’d be ecstatic. Who were the other WRs taken above him? Miller/gallup/moore/kirk/ridley would be my guesses. Not sure who else would be above that.

Them drafting Hamilton doesn’t mean jack squat. Hamilton is a full time slot receiver. Sutton is an X receiver. Hamilton is probably more polished and will have a more immediate impact but in the long run, Sutton will be the guy. Also Hamilton was clearly drafted to replace Sanders in the slot, not to replace DT. I actually really like both Receivers, i don’t think either one diminishes the value of the other. Both are already impressing in training camp although i don’t put too much weight in it. Every day you hear something great about Sutton which certainly isn’t a bad thing. DT and others on the team said his route running is actually even better than they had thought. Wouldn’t be shocked to see Sutton out there in 2 WR sets and 3 WR sets with sanders in the slot.

This is dynasty, not a redraft league. There is almost next to zero percent chance DT and Sanders both stay next year. Most likely is DT is gone. They drafted Sutton to replace him. Don’t forget DT took about 2-3 years to develop into one of the NFLs top WRs. That’s the whole point of doing dynasty. Identifying these guys with great talent early and watching them develop. Is he unpolished? Ofcourse. So are most WRs coming out of the college. I’d still probably wager he is more polished and runs better routes than Cain. He is 100% more athletic than cain.

You can argue that Moore/Kirk/Ridley or whatever could be at the top but Sutton is definitely in that conversation. To say that he is not even close to the best option means you most likely didn’t watch him at all in college. There is a reason why he was one of the top WRs off the board. There is a reason why denver chose him as DT’s successor. They are very similar guys. Both athletic freaks who need to develop more route running. I’m not saying he will be the top guy this year, but in 2 years when we look back, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he was the top performing WR of this entire class and a potential WR1 stud. He definitely has one of the highest if not the highest ceiling of the entire group. Cain has next to no shot of of reaching that status.

Sutton and Cain are not even close to on the same level though as far as talent and opportunity go. Can respect taking your guy but damn that is one hell of a reach.

I’m much lower on Sutton than you (I actually think he’s the 2nd best WR they drafted), but I would definitely take him over Cain, and the their round is crazy value.

Well. Looks like he’s taking the old IR designation this season. Sigh…Fountain went undrafted though. Might scoop him up! I have Ryan Grant too… I’m just hoping to get a big play guy from my team honestly. I have plenty of starters. Just basically buying scratch off tickets lol. Been a rough preseason on the injury front eh?