Rookie draft strategy help me

I have the 10,11,12 in my dynasty PPR rookie draft. For my 10,11 There is a chance Reagor falls but if not I’m leaning towards Higgins and Mimz. I’m not sure who to take with the 12th pick. Recently I’ve been leaning Antonio Gibson (Over Ruggs, Vaughn, Aiyuk, Pittman). Any ideas?

(If it makes a difference I have 4 RBs in the top 10 and 3 WR in the top 12 plus Hilton, D Parker, and good TEs.)

You’re in a good spot actually. You get to sit back and take whatever falls to the last 3 picks in the first round (assuming 12teams). If there’s a run at RB you’ll be getting likely two of those WRs you listed. If there’s a run at WR early tho, then you get a nice RB cache. Either way, I would suggest making a list of your top 12 rookies overall, and taking the best available top 2 WRs and a RB on your list with those 10-12 picks.