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Rookie Draft Strategy


So I’ve got about 7 hours until my rookie draft. It’ll be my first rookie draft and wonder if anyone could share any recommendations on strategy.

Scoring is full PPR with 6 for a passing TD. 1 point per 8 rushing yards and 1 point per 12 receiving yards.

There are 8 rounds and I pick first in each round except the first where I pick at 11.

My roster is as follows…

D Prescott
B Bortles

E Elliott
L Murray
CJ Anderson

AJ Green
M Crabtree
C Meredith
J Matthews
W Fuller
E Rogers
R Anderson

H Henry
J Doyle
J Cook

J Bosa
D Fowler

Von Miller
W Mercilus
P Brown
M Jack
J Smith

J Ramsey
Vernon Hargreaves
M Cooper
B Jones
C Leblanc

Starting spots are. 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1R/W 1W/T 1 R/W/T 2DL, 2LB, 2DB, 3IDP

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Ok, so you’re saying it’s 1 point for 8 yards rushing and 12 yards receiving?

That would make RB’s more valuable.

Also, it would be much easier to look at your team if you listed everyone by actual NFL position, not by your leagues starting line up.


Yes sorry. I’ve typed the post out on my phone and rushed through re-reading.

It’s 1 point for 8 rushing yards and 1 point for 12 receiving yards. I didn’t realise I hadn’t said it was full PPR. That brings up a WR value greatly. Looking at last years final scoring, RB’s out value Wr’s until the 20 at each position. From there on WR’s out score RB’s.

Apologies for the layout also. I thought it would have been easier rather than listing the starting positions. I’ll edit the original post.


RB’s to keep a eye on , Kareem hunt, smajae perine, donta foreman those guys hopefully are still around in the first & second round


Thanks, they are guys I was looking at. What’s your opinion on Joe Williams?


I know a lot of guys like Williams but I didnt include him because I think Hyde will flourish with the new staff.


If those guys are gone by your first I’d try to take a show at like juju smith I think that guy will be a anqaun bolden & with brown taking all the intention I think juju will go off.


I like cooper cup to you may get a good return from him if I pick him up late


At. 1.11 you should be able to pick up one of Alvin Karam, Kareem Hunt, OJ Howard, Samaje Perine, Evan Engram, Juju Shuster-Smith.


I like Cupp late. My biggest fear is that i really dont know how everyone else is going to draft. Do i just try and take the “Best Guy Available” or pick for need? I have an obvious lack of depth at RB so do I spend the first couple of picks on RB’s instead…


Do both, be fluid.

Look at the guys available and your needs.

If you need an RB, but there’s a WR who’s clearly heads above who is available, take the WR. If you’re torn between a WR and an RB you value close, take the position you need.


Thanks @morestagedives. I’ve set my pre-draft rankings already. I’ll try and follow that and like you said be fluid.


Yeah dude. Have an idea of what players and positions you want to target at each pick, but if a total stud or great value falls to you, don’t pass it up.


For anyone interested, the first round was a big surprise!

  1. Fournette
  2. Mixon
  3. Davis
  4. McCaffery
  5. Cook
  6. Perine
  7. Kamara
  8. Hunt
  9. Howard
  10. Njoku
  11. Williams
  12. Maclin (Auto draft)

The entirety of my draft was as follows.

1.11 Mike Williams
2.1 John Ross
3.1 James Conner
4.1 Solomon Thomas
4.8 Ryan Switzer
5.1 Carlos Henderson
6.1 Wayne Gallman
7.1 DJ Pumphrey
8.1 Deshone Kizer

Amazed at Williams dropping to 1.11 and really excited to see if Conner takes his chance if/when Bell gets injured/suspended.


Whoa that is a heck of a steal. I think the back problems made people shy away.


Right. Hyde is better than most think, and is not a malcontent or a bad locker room teammate.