Rookie draft. Trade or stay?

My roster is for lack of a better word. GROSS. But in better news I have 3 first round picks this year. 1.01, 1.05, 1.08… next pick is 2.10. Roster is in need of RB and a QB. Got offers on the table that are highly attractive 1.05, 1.08 for Joe Mixon is the best offer currently. I’m leaning towards staying put and possibly trading back at 1.08. To hopefully get a QB without reaching to much

Roster (try not to laugh)
Gardner Minshew
Tyrod Taylor
Teddy Bridgewater
Mitch Trubisky
Nick Foles

Kerryon Johnson
Royce Freeman
Adrian Peterson
TJ yeldon
Mike Boone
Gio Bernard
Myles Gaskin

Davante Adam’s
DJ chark
DaeSean Hamilton
Marquise Goodwin
Tyrell Williams
Hakeem Butler

OJ Howard
Hayden Hurst
Eric Ebron
Jace Sternberg
Cameron Brate

That is a very interesting offer, but it looks like your team could use all the depth it can get so I would probably stay and use all three of those picks on whoever you think is the best player available because you could use all the positions. But it is nice that you have all those picks so it might not be a super long rebuild

I would stay with those picks. Take burrow with the 1.01. And 1.05, you can likely get Jonathan Taylor or Jk Dobbins (both of whom might not really hit until next year, but hey, you’re in rebuild mode). Dobbins might also be available at the 8. If not either hit another of the high draft Capitol RBs or grab Reagor or one of the well positioned WRs from this draft class. With those 3 picks, your can rebuild at different positions. I say keep them.

That’s what I’m thinking. Clyde should be a low RB1-high RB2 this year. Plus fill in depth with the next 2 picks maybe one of them hits.

It’s not a super flex. So burrow should be available at the later part of the first round. But agree with rest. Hoping I can get 1 or 2 of the top tier backs with the 1.01 and 1.05

I’d stay put with those top 3 picks. Grab CEH and see which RB falls to you at 1.05. Instead of trading back with your 1.08, maybe also try to trade up from your 2.10 to grab one of the top QBs. That way you can still get a valuable WR at 1.08. As bad as you may think your team looks, you should be sitting okay after this draft!

I gotta chime in here and say if you aren’t picking Jonathan Taylor at 1.01…it’s the wrong move

Also dude, don’t pick Burrow. It’s a single QB league and you are fine at the position. Grab you 2-3 RBs and a receiver. Your team will be sick.

Your RB’s are the only bad part of your roster. Everything else is serviceable. Trading both the .05 and .08 for Mixon would be a mistake. I’d maybe trade the 1.05 for him straight up, but you could just draft a rookie RB with that pick and be fine. Trading back at the 1.08 is fine if you want but I’d probably just stick with what you have. Also please draft JT or CEH with that #1 pick. 1.05 should be best RB available. 1.08 should be Vaughn or best WR available. If this is SF, Burrow or Tua won’t be available in your picks since you’re going RB RB to start, so you’ll be looking to either trade for a QB or draft one next year. You have plenty of starting QB’s.

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I would go CEH, and pray for Dobbins to drop to 5, grab the best wr with that 3rd 1. Your qbs are not studs, but you could probably trade for something you like better and get more bang for the buck than just reaching for a qb at 8 overall, might want to look at this as a 2 year project, stick with best available tier!

Also with you owning Kerryon I would not be nervous of swift at 5 either.

I think both CEH and taylor are both gonna be great. Getting a Andy Reid RB is never a bad choice. I’m starting to think about trading up to get the 1.02 and get both…

That’s where my current thoughts are. Also like going CEH, Jeudy at 1.05, and Vaughn at 1.08 thinking he takes over in Tampa. Which would be huge

When is your rookie draft?

Still trying to schedule it still as two of the owners are nursers (obiv they a little busy) but looking like this coming wednesday will start it. Probably do a round a night. 3 rounds and 2 hour pick times. Try to encourage trading with the longer draft times. Seems to work had 12 draft day trades last year.