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Rookie Draft


I have the 1.06 in the rookie draft. PPR dynasty league where you can sign rookies for, up to, 4 years. Through trades I drafted Corey Davis and Dalvin Cook. McCaffrey, Mixon and Fournette are gone. I don’t have a pick until the 4th round so I may have to overpay for this pick. Who do I take?


Can you trade back for more picks/proven talent? I had the same issue and ended up packaging the pick, and some solid depth pieces to fix my QB and TE holes (1.06, Tyrod, and DJax for 1.09, Cousins and Graham).


I can. Just need a partner. I “helped” this other guy by trading Terrence West (expiring contract) and some future picks for the 1.05, Prosise and Kevin White. It was a situation similar to Cle trading for Osweiler. I had cap room and he didn’t. The 1.05 turned into Cook. I will get an offer of the 3.01 for Prosise and depending on what White does early this year, I may have to buy his contract out.

I put on our message board the 1.06 was up for trade. I was looking at Perrine, Kamara, Hunt, Zay Jones or maybe a LB (not Foster) but I think it’s too early to take them. If I can move to the later end of the first (14 teams) or early 2nd and get some WR or IDP help, I may do that.

If I can’t trade the pick…I’m leaning towards one of the 3 RBs I mentioned above.