Rookie Keeper League draft options

i am in a 12 man, 1/2 ppr league with a rookie keeper rule.

i have the 2nd pic overall. i get Lenny Fournette in he 2nd round because of the rookie keeper rule.
i plan on going Lev Bell or David Johnson with my first pick.

so with my 3rd pick im looking for my first WR. based off ADP im in the Adam Thielen ,Larry Fitzgerald, Amari Cooper range. Gronk could also be a possibility but i always go into drafts ready to take Charles Clay before week 1 .

i’m looking for suggestions from the footclan. for me its really about Thielen or Fitz, but im open to hear any arguments for anyone in that range .

and for the record, Alvin Kamara is going in the 11th in this league -_- but that really has nothing to do with this, just sayin.