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Rookie Keeper Questions


I’m not sure if this would fall under the “draft” or “dynasty” category. I’m in a league where you can keep a rookie the next season IF you draft the rookie and hold him through the whole season. For example, last season I drafted Zeke and get to keep him this season for no cost (crazy, I know). I have a couple of strategy questions.

  1. What rookie, at their current ADP is a good prospect for either this year and next year or has a lot of potential for next year but won’t completely burn a space on my team?

  2. Considering these rules, how far should I reach to draft these rookies? For example, Fournette is 23rd off the board would you recommend drafting him 12th (10 team league) knowing that you’re losing a lot of value in this year’s draft for having a head start in the next?


Ah this question is fun.

My knee jerk reaction is Joe Mixon. Really love his play style on that offense. I just know he isn’t a huge value as he is going pretty high.

It is hard to say who is going to succeed in the NFL and who will fail. So at value vs. risk I will offer Joe Williams. Usually when a new staff takes over they sing the praises of their skill position players. Kyle hasn’t for Hyde yet, which is weird. He also pushed for Joebone, which is telling. Even if he isn’t huge at the beginning of the season, who knows when Hyde will go down…again. He could be Jordan Howard, or Trent Richardson. Either way you don’t have to pay much to find out.


i love this because it adds some interesting aspects to the game. but even with that, i dont reach. there will be a lot of people who probably think of reaching, and end up getting hurt because they didnt plan for this year. keep your rankings the same, and if someone reaches and snags someone way too early, thats fine. just means someone else is going to fall to you. there are always sneaky values later on that you can pick up. the kareem hunts and samaje perines of the world. the godwins and taywan taylors… the zekes, howards, OBJ and evans of the world dont come around all that often. keep it safe and you will have a more solid team in the end.

besides, you already have Zeke for free haha.


But that sir Mixon-a-lot though. Knight of the round backside.

See what I did there, King Arthur and Sir Mixalot in the same joke. Good times.