Rookie Mock Draft Simulator

Hi all!

With the 2020 NFL Draft in the books, I wanted to get ready for my rookie draft, just because I have six of the 40 picks in the draft (10 teams, four rounds).

While I am grateful my league’s platform, Sleeper, has a mock draft tool, it doesn’t let me incorporate the trades I’ve made so I can draft with the picks I actually have available to me. As it stands, I have all of my own picks from the No. 8 spot (8, 18, 28, 38), but I also have 2.10 (20) and 4.01 (31). In Sleeper’s mock draft tool, I can’t draft at those spots. Additionally, I am on the verge of a blockbuster trade that would fundamentally shake up the slate of picks I have: I’d be left with just three: 10, 21, and either 31 or 38. I can’t make this deal without knowing what my current set of draft picks gets me and what that new hypothetical set might get me.

With all that said: does anybody know of a platform or tool I can use to do a rookie mock, that actually allows me to take trades into account?

Thanks, guys!

I have the same question and go Blazers lol

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Go Blazers! :joy:

I thought Sleeper could let you pick for the CPUs. So just force the pick who you would take at those spots (20 & 31), then compare that overall haul vs what you’d get with the trade and remaining picks.


Where is the option to do that? I haven’t seen any such option on either the website or the iOS app…

You can just pause the draft when it reaches that pick, and then if you’re using the app, long press on that pick selection and you’ll get a prompt to select “manually select pick” or “let cpu autopick”. If you pause it late it lets you delete picks as well with the same process.


Ahhhh, I gotcha. I was holding down on the player I wanted to select at the paused pick, not the pick itself. My bad, and thanks!!

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I just found that you can turn off CPU auto pick in the options, and then just long-press > CPU autopick on each pick that’s not yours. Instead of having to pause and delete any picks.

That being said, Sleeper doesn’t seem to have updated its rookie rankings yet, or they’re inconsistent with every expert I’ve read from.
so mocks with CPUs won’t provide realistic results yet. Ceedee Lamb went 2.04 in some of the CPU mocks I’ve done, and now Laviska Shenault is going 1.03

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How are you guys,

I wrote to Sleeper support last week about rankings. they will update them sometimes this week.

have a good one


Oh damn, I haven’t done any mocks that got that wild, but just CPU autopicking on each one that isn’t mine (rather than having to pause repeatedly) is a big help. Thank you!