Rookie or Veteran?

So, I drafted a rookie late in my draft, and then immediately cut him the next day for a vet I was considering at the same time. The logic was they both have upside, but I have seen the vet do it in the NFL. We are talking round 13 of 15 so not a high investment. I felt like I should have gone vet to begin with but in the moment the shiny object had my eye.

How do you all react to this choice?

I dropped A. Miller for K. Cole of you are wondering.

I like Cole with injury to Lee.

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I agree, and the switch now looks to be the better decision. But in general, do you lean into the hope of a rookie with upside or take the vet with upside? From a team construction PoV? I normally go just upside and that could be the unknown of a rookie with lots of hype. But I pivoted from that (my normal stance) to a vet with upside. Clearly more now, but even without Lee’s injury would this have been seen as a ‘smart’ move?

Always trying to refine the draft process / mentality :slight_smile: