Rookie Pick Value Assistance


I’m in a dynasty startup and I’m interested in acquiring the 1.1 rookie pick. We are doing 2 drafts [1 vet + 1 rookie] for a .5 PPR 12 man Dynasty league. I currently have the 1.4 in the rookie draft and I’m trying to trade up but I’m having a hard time getting an understanding of what a fair offer would be.

Initially offered my 2020 first round and the 5.9 vet pick as a package but I’m afraid I’m gimping myself too much. Any guidance or perspective is appreciated.

I would wait till after the vet draft and try to trade specific players, with known values. This is two fold if you really like your team after the vet draft then you will have a low first round. But if you end up not having a great team then the future first could be 1 overall. Also you dont know who will fall to you in vet draft.


Giving up your 2020 first round and the 5.9 vet pick it too much to acquire the Rookie 1.01. Especially this year. There is no Zeke or Barkley.

I wouldn’t offer more than a late 6th or later vet pick.