Rookie picks trade deal

I currently hold the back 1.3 in my dynasty league but got offered Lockett and their 1.10 in a 12 man PPR dynasty would you guys accept this trade

I think thats very intriguing. I do NOT believe in Locket matching what he did last year; however, with drafting Metcalf and Baldwin looking like he’s done, his volume should only go up. I think it comes down to preference/team need.
Would you rather have Metcalf/Campbell/Montgomery or Lockett and a guy like Fant/Samuel/maybe AJ Brown?
I like the second option because I think just about every rookie WR has close to an equal chance of producing

What if I got another offer like Chris Carson and his 1.9 for my 1.3

That to me seems better.
However, at 1.03 you are looking at Harry, Montgomery or Jacobs depending on picks in front of you.
1.09 can drop off if the board is not good to you. So you need to know who you like in the draft and evaluate what their worth.
Personally, I would stay at 1.03. If anything, someone else will be interested if you want to move back or you can counter them for slightly better players. Carson vs Penny is an unknown. Lockette was fire last year but… regression is very possible.

I currently own Penny and I need the most help at running back so I really liked that Carson trade

I’d prefer the Carson deal to Lockett.

Carson and the 1.09 for 1.03 is close but you having Penny pushes it over the edge for me; roll with Carson and the 1.09.
At 1.09 you can draft a RB or WR. Guys around then that I like:
Singletary is very good but won’t do much until 2020
Hill, similar to Singletary, it might take a year before he gets the volume

WR: (disclaimer, some of these guys could go top 5, it all depends on your league’s evaluation of them)
Hollywood Brown: top talent but bad situation so he might drop
Deebo Samuel: good talent, high upside, good offense, but not a well known name so he might fall
Hardman: I’m lower on him than most, I don’t think you can allocate Hill’s production to him just because he’s fast; however, if you get 75% of Hill’s production, he’s worth the risk

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stay at 1.03

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Thanks for advice I decided to take the 1.9 and Carson

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