Rookie Question

So my best attempts to trade up to #2 overall pick has failed. I obviously wanted Guice. Should i try and get to #3 overall or keep my #6 pick because after Guice are all the rookie running backs basically in the same tier??

Thanks friends!

Ronald Jones is worth a look. This USC program seems back to producing NFLers.

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Yeah between Freeman, Michel, Jones, and Johnson just pick who’s left at 6

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If you’re 3, I’d probably still take a shot on penny.

Preference would be to move back though. Move into the 1.09 range and grab Kerryon and pick up some more draft capital along the way.

I am not at all a big believer in ROJO. Don’t think he translates to the NFL. He’s my #1 bust candidate for the year. Don’t see him getting more than 50-60% of touches out of that backfield. Barber probably takes goaline work, and Sims is a better pass catcher. Also, that offense is awful. Typically want to get RBs attached to good offenses.

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I’m not selling the farm for Penny though. Seattle is in a downward spiral. Backs on bad teams don’t produce often. MJD and Shady might be the only examples lol

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We’d keep an eye on Nyheim Hines situation thru preseason. A converted WR who killed the 40, he turns into Indy’s best receiving option out the backfield. Runs bigger than he is and can motion out the backfield into the slot as well. Provides new offensive looks for Indy and can be Luck’s new weapon.

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Agree with you there. I’m just saying if he had the 1.03 for cheap, would take Penny. But I’m with you, prefer to get backs on good offenses so trading down is what I would do here.

Hines is an interesting one. Could very well be the 2nd receiving option after Hilton for Luck and a pass heavy offense.