Rookie Ranking

What is everyone’s rookie rank. Here are mine for the first 10. Obviously the draft will differ based on team needs. But here is my top 10!

  1. Josh Jacobs 2. Nkeal Harry 3. Miles Sander 4. DK Metcalf
  2. David Montgomery 6. Parris Campbell 7. AJ Brown
  3. TJ Hockenson 9. Mecole Hardman 10. Deebo Samuel

Other noteable players. Murray at 12 and Henderson at 14

  1. Josh Jacobs
  2. N’Keal Harry
  3. David Montgomery
  4. DK Metcalf
  5. Miles Sanders
  6. TJ Hockenson
  7. Hollywood Brown
  8. Parris Campbell
  9. Mecole Hardman
  10. Deebo Samuel
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hollywood scares me at 7. No QB and hes hurt already. But I for sure see the rest of your rankings

  1. Josh Jacobs
  2. David Montgomery
  3. NKeal Harry
  4. Mecole Hardman
  5. Parris Campbell
  6. DK Metcalf
  7. Kyler Murray
  8. Miles Sanders
  9. Deebo Samuel
  10. Noah Fant

For me I think the top 3 is set, but after that I can see 4-8 in a variety of orders

Id agree with that. I had Hardman up at 4 also, But with Hill not being criminally investigated anymore I moved him down a couple spot. I still think Hill will be suspended. But only 4-6 games.