Rookie RB Fiasco

So initially was going to start Hyde in my flex position going against TB. But since today’s trade happened it back fired and all hell broke loose

Now debating on Kerryon or Chubb…

My RB’s carry my team as I can’t rely on Evans and Allen Robinson very much.

What’s your guy’s thoughts between Kerryon and Chubb?

I’m starting: Newton, Gordon, Michel, Evans, Robinson. Kittle.

Also have Ridley & kearse on the bench.

thanks in advance!!

I’d flex KJ here, if Riddick is our whuch looks likely he gets a boost. Plus Tampa are good vs the run so Chubb could have a low game, also if Tampa start to pile the points up on the Browns it could become a Duke Johnson game

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Bumping up

I am in the same spot as you. I am starting KJ, seems like the stars are aligning for him to take on the majority of the workload. I also think the Lions are the stronger offense, and there is still a lot of unknown with Chubb.

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Yeah, im choosing between this guys and im going kerryon. Believing in jason on this one, he is confident that this is kerryons breakout game.

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I’ve been a strong KJ believer out of college! I do agree with everything you guys are all saying. Before i throw Chubb in i want to see what he can do with a big workload. Appreciate the feedback!

I’d be interested in starting Kearse over Robinson, considering Robinson is probably going to get shadowed by Gilmore. Is the league PPR?

.5 ppr… I have been debating that too. I grabbed kearse knowing Robinson isn’t very reliable. Nervous with the matchup for kearse but they don’t have wr’s and will be down I feel like. Robinson is very td reliant I’m learning while kearse might have all the targets

Yup, another Robinson owner here. I’m sitting him for Marvin Jones this week with the same fears about Robinson’s inconsistency.