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Rookie rb this year


Who will be the guy who is a rb1 in 1- 2 years ? Guys that people miss on like DJ, Howard, Freeman, Ajayi.


The rookie RB’s that I feel have the could be RB1’s in the near future are

Leonard Fournette
Joe Mixon
Samaje Perine
Joe Williams
Dalvin Cook (good call @cousinal111)


Dalvin Cook could make an immediate impact especially if Murray gets dinged up.


Either Jamaal Williams or Aaron Jones will take over that backfield this year. As much as I like Montgomery, I see him more as a scat back for Rodgers to use.


Jeremy McNichols tampa
Kareem Hunt kc


Ty Mo had only of the highest juke rates last year. But his pass pro is weak. They drafted RB’s for a reason but Ty Mo is talented and might win a main role, imo.


I like Mixon. He’s in a great spot, he’s a dual threat and the right size.


i still dont get the hype for mixon myself. he is in a bad situation (RB by committee and a so so O line) where his counterpart samaje is in such a better spot. top 10 offensive line, and he will have virtually 0% competition for that number 1 spot. and he is a 3 down power runner. who btw, can catch the ball quite effectively. only reason he didnt for the sooners, is well… mixon. because mixon is a clear cut better receiver. but i digress. for me, its Perine and Hunt. i think fournette has the chance to be, but he just isnt on a very good team. he is basically gurley. great player, bad team. but perine and hunt are both in a situation with solid O lines, and not very much competition, and they are both really damn good RBs. this draft class is so stacked, to me it really comes down to who landed in the best spots to compete. because they are all so damn good.


Did you hear that Gio is likely to miss a couple games? Mixon has looked impressive in camp. Hill is an average talent at best. It’s reasonable to think that Mixon could take over all of the work.

I don’t see Hunt or Perine taking over the pass catching back role. In KC, Ware’s fantasy value came from his ability to catch the ball. Hunt is an okay pass catcher and you have to EARN the rock under Andy Reid. I don’t see him becoming a 3-down back this year. Similar situation in DC. Thompson is a good passing down back and fat rob showed he was a good b/t the tackles guy. Mixon’s grade and film is amazing. Surely the most talented out of the 3. In years past, the Bengals have produced a lot of points from the rb posisiton. A couple years, it was enough to own both Hill and Bernard. With Gio out and Hill being Hill, Mixon gets 3-down work on a historically dynamic team.


@Luke I think Mixon is going to be the guy. He is a best-of-both worlds between Hill and Bernard. He also has a quick step between tackles and can run the swing route well. Awesome game tape from Oklahoma as well if you want to see in-game.


Samaje Perine and Kareem Hunt


yeah i heard about gio. even with that knowledge i still dont see mixon taking over. you know hill has never started a full season. and by started i mean starting job. not that he didnt play in every game. because he has only missed 1. and in his three years of never starting every game he has still hit over 200 rushes a year. 222 every single year basically. he is your pace setter, your power guy. he is your samaje perine to his mixon. its almost the exact situation he had in oklahoma. so yeah for the first couple of games where gio is gone i expect him to be a decent start. but what happens when gio comes back? i dont think he loses his role but gio will come in and take game time from him. and even when hill or gio were balling out they would just randomly get taken out. or their game plan would change and they would use a different guy more. mixon is just another piece to that puzzle. now, next year when hills contract runs out, yeah i think he might start taking over if they dump him. but to me, its still a split backfield.

as for hunt and perine, if you think hunt cant catch im not sure what you are lookin at for that. he had over 40 receptions last year. he can catch very well. as for needing to prove it to andy reid, hell he already has. buzz out of mini camp has been all about how impressive he looks. Bieniemy has been raving about how impressive he looks, and reid trusts his opinion. as for perines situation, fat rob is a lesser version of perine. hands down. rob will be riding the bench and maybe occasionally spelling him for a while. yeah i can see them getting away from perine on passing situations so he may not get that PPR boost. but i still see him taking over as the main back. every single one of those RBs there really are crap options. perine has an even easier road than hunt.

but hey, its football so who really knows, these are just the opinions of this poor keyboard pounder. i kind of hope im wrong because i would love to see the bengals get a solidified backfield so my boy green can take off even harder. should be an interesting year all around.


Personally, I think Mixon is much more talented than Hill and Gio. He has the ability to take over the full work load. A work load that is very attractive if not split between 2 guys.

Agreed, on the poor keyboard pounder opinions (I’m in the same class). I think you make good/valid points, but as the Ffballers saying repeatedly, the hype trains are in full affect right now. Preseason will shed a lot of light. I may be biased because I see Mixon as a Bell type guy that can do it all at a high level.


oh dont get me wrong, mixon is a much better talent than gio or hill. i 100% agree with that. if he had landed with the redskins instead of perine, i would be saying holy shit grab mixon and run. my idea is entirely system based. mixon is in a proven for years to be a RBC situation. hunt is in a place that has really only been RBC 1 year, and that was the year they were scrambling to find jamaals replacement. and the skins have shown they are looking for their 1 guy, and then some fill guys. i can see a world where mixon takes over completely, i just dont see that as likely because of the system. not because he isnt talented.


Under a pay wall now… But Joe Mixon was very impressive on yards created. Many analysis have him has the most talented runner/juker in the class. (Yes, above McCaffrey). He’s also an increcible pass catcher. There is a play vs texas tech that he catch the ball one handed on a wheel route in stride that was throw slightly behind him and 2 feet above his head. He’s a stud, plain and simple.

He’d probably be the #1 RB if it wasn’t for the video. The bengals have 2 RB’s because they don’t have a talented 1 RB. They want to have RB deception in their offense. They also have alot of RB usage. It isn’t really known to the world because they are always dividing that load in 2. When it all comes under Mixon here due to Hill being on the outs and Bernard being injuryed he as the capability to be a top running back.

On top of all that, he is a huge guy. He’s over 6’ 220 lbs. Many of the feature backs these days have this build. He has good speed and did well on this pro day 3 cone. I’m a huge fan of him. Hoping to get him in all leagues.


I believe both backs will take over for the respective teams, but the question is when will it happen.
What I will add about Mixon is opportunity. Yes the kitty cats run RBC, but they run RBC a lot. If you believe Mixon has the talent to take over Hill’s role alone. That has been 220+ carries alone. If you think he will take some away from Gio then that number increases a lot. That is more touches than any KC RB in the last 3 years.


KC is a deceptive team for the running back. They don’t get volume but they get high efficiency. I’m not a fan of Hunts measurables and I don’t like his tape as much as other people. However, if I did… I would still be skeptical because I haven’t heard of him being a pass catcher. And to be valved in that system you better be catching passes.

Mixon will take over that role.
The reason is deception. Is it a run or pass? Gio will mostly give that away. Mixon brings a huge deception element back that has been missing from the bengals for years. It is a big deal for the OC’s… in my opinion. I think Dalton made a comment about this and it was posted to Rotoworld earlier in the off season.


Did anyone mention the almost-rookie Derrick Henry? Trade for him. :slight_smile:


Henry should inherit a nice role in TENN and Murray isn’t gonna last forever.


While Murray just turned 29 this year, he is under a sizable contract with the Titans through 2019. You better believe he will still be getting carries/receptions while he is on the team.
Henry is a very talented young RB, but for a long time he won’t be a premier back like Mixon, Hunt, or Perine will be. Especially considering that he and Murray share the same skill sets. I think possibly even this season, you can expect a close split…maybe 150 carries.