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Rookie RB's and Ty Mont


In full point ppr how do you rank these guys:

Kareem Hunt
Ty Montgomery
Christian Mcaffrey

thanks for the help ballers


Montgomery, mccaffrey, hunt , fournette.

Montgomery has the experience and the best QB in the league. The other three are rookies with fournette not known as a receiving RB.


Hunt, Montgomery, Mccaffrey, Fournette

Kareem Hunt is going to be a beast, Andy Reid is known for having one lead back who can do it all. Hunt is ready for that role and has little competition behind him. I think Hunt finishes as a RB1 by seasons end.


Hunt, Founette, Montgomery, McCaffrey

@WesleyHWang I couldn’t agee more about Hunt. I also am a Jags fan and believe in Fournette. Bortles be damned we will find a way to get Fournette in the endzone. Who else is going to score?


Thanks for the help ballers. I ended up taking Montgomery over Hunt. Bold move at 3.4 but I like the PPR upside. Hunt went next spot.


Hunt, Monty, McCaffrey, Fornette. Fornette us for sure the worst pass catcher, is injured (again), and is in a bad offense with a bad QB and bad line. I expect him to finish outside the top 24 RBs. I have the other three inside the top 20.