Rookie RB's

Opinions on top ten rookie RB’s! Who you drafting? Where and Why? Go!

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  1. Barkley - because he is really good at football - #1 overall (duh)

  2. Derrius Guice - opportunity/o-line/offense, there will be debate I am sure, but I weigh risk much more than ceiling - #2 overall

  3. Rashaad Penny - he will get work, his o-line will be very improved, rushing QB, and draft capitol - #3 overall

  4. Sony Michel - draft capitol, o-line is huge, great play calling, he is lower for me because of the week-to-week inconsistency he will almost certainly have - #5 overall (I have DJ Moore #4 -yes bold I know)

  5. Royce Freeman - good runner, offense will improve with new QB, question marks here - #6 overall

  6. Nick Chubb - he was a 2nd rounder but the 4th pick for CLE, i think injuries will give him more work, but still competing for touches, high because of a very good o-line - #7 overall

  7. Ronald Jones - i do not have confidence in Tampa’s offense, but the o-line is very good and Jones has a path for a bell-cow role - #9 overall

  8. Kerryon Johnson - i have no idea what Detroit is doing but it is not working, still good offense, good o-line - #11 overall

  9. John Kelly - i really don’t like any other runners left but Kelly, he is behind Gurley, but in the event of injury he can be huge - #22 overall

  10. Nyheim Hines - dumpster fire of a backfield, but he has a path to be the starter on what could be a strong offense with a healthy luck, lottery ticket - #28 overall

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pretty much agree on this. i would make some changes though.

Barkley- dont need to explain this

Penny- large workload, even if his o line is every bit as bad as last year, 300 carries are in his realm of possibilities. i would also bank on a decent reception count. im putting him at 40 there.

Guice- inverse of penny. lack of touches, (compared to penny) but higher production. i also dont buy into “he cant catch”. so i excpect a decent reception total for him as well. check down smith will make sure of that.

ROJO- same as guice, but on a worse team. going to be an odd boom bust guy.

Royce- pure workload is why i have him above michel. otherwise if i believed he was going to get less than 250 carries, well… really less than 225 i would put michel above him

Michel- great potential, wrong location for fantasy football. expect win you a week games, and expect him to also not touch the ball the next week. also watch out for fumbles. if he starts up again with bill, he is done. at least with the patriots.

Johnson- i believe in johnson, i believe that the lions have had some bad luck. but until i see it, im iffy. ill take the chance on him after everyone else.

Chubb- another wrong location guy. too much competition, on a historically bad team.

these are by who i would prefer in order. not who is the best back, or most talented. more who i think will do the most work for me for years to come.

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  1. Barkley
  2. Guice
  3. Michel
  4. Penny
  5. Freeman
  6. Chubb
  7. KJ
  8. Jones (though if I’m trying to win this year, I’d consider moving up to 6, but no higher).

Kind of a crapshoot after that, but Hines is probably my favorite. I could make an argument for 5-6 guys.

Edit: one guy I’m not particularly interested in in that next 5ish RB group is Ballage. I think he’s a great athlete and a terrible runner and I’m a believer in Drake.

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#1: Saquon Barkley — Easy!
#2: Derrius Guice — Possibly the best pure-runner in the class.
#3: Rashad Penny — He’s the ultimate Seattle RB.
#4: Ronald Jones — Love his talent!
#5: Sony Michel — Dion Lewis on steroids.
#6: Kerryon Johnson — Could very well be the next Lev Bell.
#7: Nick Chubb — I like his upside quite a bit.
#8: Royce Freeman — Not as high on him as most. Lowest ceiling.
#9: Kalen Ballage — Huge risk/reward, but could be nightmarish!
#10: Nyheim Hines — Next Tarik Cohen.

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