Rookie receivers or proven consistency?

Just finished a 12 team auction 2 keeper draft. Because AB and Kamara were my keepers, my team is pretty stacked, but I am uncomfortable about having 3 Colts and so many rookie receivers.

QB: Luck
WR: A. Brown
WR: TY Hilton
RB: Kamara
RB: McCaffrey
TE: Doyle
W/T: Lockette
W/R: Barkley

BN: Chubb
BN: Gallup
BN: DJ Moore
BN: Golladay
BN: Clement

D: Baltimore

Should I drop Gallup for Hurns? Should I trade try to trade TY Hilton for a a WR/TE combo?

If Luck’s shoulder flares up I’m screwed. And I don’t know about all these young unproven WRs. Hoping one busts loose but which one will?

There is a guy who loves McCaffrey.

He has Drake, Theilen, and Ertz. Trying to come up with something that benefits me involving these players:

CMC / Lockette / Doyle
Drake / Ertz / Thielen

I wouldn’t necessarily say you’re screwed. For one, I don’t really care for Doyle period. I think you can find a weekly streamer that can do what he’ll do on a weekly basis. So if we take him out of the conversation, you really only have two (relevant) Colts; and they’re a pretty solid stack if Luck can stay healthy. I would not trade CMC. Keep your team. I would also take a flyer on Gallup over Hurns, also.

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Thanks. My only concern is if someone goes down because right now I have no depth, especially since 4 of them are rookies.

This down time in between the draft and game 1 is brutal.

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Well you have Kamara, CMC, Saquon and AB. You should be obliterating everyone in your league on a weekly basis. Your bench isn’t the strongest, but as long as your starters hold up you’re Golden. Don’t trade away your talent over fear, especially before the season starts. lol And agreed! I’m ready

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Thank you for the sound advice!

There are some pretty stacked teams in this league, but I feel good about mine long as they stay healthy.

On the topic of Doyle. I actually think he’s going to rebound because Luck loves him. But some tight ends I’m watching closely on the wire:

Ricky Seals-Jones
Cameron Brate
Jared Cook
Vance McDonald

I don’t hate Doyle, and I agree he could have a couple good fantasy weeks, but I definitely don’t see him as a locked and loaded matchup-proof starter, he could be replaced in your lineup with any of those guys you mentioned. I was just trying to ease your mind on the whole " I have to trade CMC so I can get a Colt out of my lineup" idea. For those other guys, I would just wait and see how they look to be used in their offenses week one, none of them really jump off the page to me.

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Thanks your advice, Christopher.

I ended up going 13-2 and winning the league in record fashion with most points ever scored and largest margin of victory in the leagues history as well.

Two trades that really put my team above everyone else:

Traded Ebron, Duke Johnson, and Guice (its a keeper league) for Zach Ertz around week 8.

Traded Kenny Golladay, Tyler Lockett, and Gus Edwards for Davante Adams in week 12.

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Glad I could talk you off a ledge early. That’s really exciting that I maybe helped you actually winning a fantasy title! Best of luck next year!

Whoever traded you Adams and Ertz for those scrubs is just not good at fantasy…but good for you!

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