Rookie Trade Question

12 Team Dynasty Superflex PPR

Give: CeeDee Lamb

Get: Ke’Shawn Vaughn, Chris Thompson, 2021 first (mid to early)

Other notable WR Michael Thomas, Devante Adams, Tyler Lockett, Curtis Samuels, Tee Higgins. So I’m in good shape I think.

My main rbs are Gordon, Fournette, Bell. I could use RB depth and young talent, but I’m not sure I’m in love with Vaughn.

What are your thoughts? Any help would be appreciated!

I would not make this deal. Want nothing to do with Vaughn unless I’m getting him late with rookie capital. Chris Thompson does nothing for me.

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Well, this is essentially rookie capital - swapping my first round rookie pick of Lamb for his pick of Vaughn, plus a free first round pick next year. Thompson is not a factor for me either. I just thought I’m pretty set at receiver and could use a Rb given my roster.

By rookie capital I meant using a late second or third to draft Vaughn if he fell. I would not have drafted him higher then that. Nor would I trade anything worth more than a late second/third for Vaughn.

Understand that you are looking for RB. I would look elsewhere and for more upside.

Lastly, in dynasty I follow the formula that I do not worry about starting positions until I actually have to start a lineup. Right now, it’s all about value. I would not pigeon-whole myself to the RB position.

Fair enough! Thanks for clarifying and for the advice.