Rookie Wideouts

In a dynasty league. So I am set at RB for the future and WR for the next year or two. I am looking for potential breakout #1 WRs. I Have the 1.06 and 1.08 I was thinking of picking one of this years top WR’s with one of those picks. I keep hearing that next year wide receiver group coming into the league is going to be amazing. Do you like the idea of using one of these picks to trade for a couple of picks in next years draft since I do not need any immediate starters?

Also would it be better to draft one of the top WRs this year or use that pick to trade for Corey Davis straight up?

I like trading the 1.06 OR 1.08 for C. Davis and a pick next year. People hard RB hungry and if you really don’t need one you can trade it. I would initially offer the 1.06 for C. Davis and next years 1st. If that gets declined, then offer the 1.08 for C. Davis and next years second. Then look to flip 2 2nd rounders next year for a 1st rounder. I know thats a lot of moves but its fantasy!
Put simply: 1.06 for Davis and next years 1st.

I would be genuinely shocked if anyone accepted that, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

As for a direct answer to the question about trading into next year, I would say it depends. Do you have later picks? I prefer to take an RB early nearly every year. You may feel like your set now, but RBs have a way of making that feeling flip on its head quickly. This is compounded by the relative difficulty I (and experts) seem to have identifying productive incoming WRs. I tend to take multiple shots on WRs later in rookie drafts (for example, Hopkins, Samuel and Godwin in various leagues last year).

If you decide to trade for future picks, demand a stiff premium. Current picks are considered more valuable in general, but with the hype this year’s RB class is getting, that difference should be even higher.

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So you think Corey Davis is worth a mid to late second round pick not a first round?

No, I think C. Davis is worth a late 1st this year because of the RB depth; but, since you have a mid 1st, I would be looking to get a pick back.
C. Davis and next years 1st or 2nd round for this years 1.06

As someone who owns Davis in a league, I would never accept that. I probably wouldnt even try to counter either.

I agree its unlikely but its worth a shot. I got a similar deal done for C. Davis. People are already writing him off as a bust and he can be a buy low candidate in some leagues.